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Magenta Electronics Ltd.

Magenta Electronics Ltd. started trading in 1975. and since then has been active in many parts of the electronics industry. Our new office is in the village of Tutbury near Burton on Trent.

Magenta Electronics Ltd.
Unit 1 Farmer Court
16-17 High Street
Burton on Trent
Staffs DE13 9LP

Tel. 01283 565435
e-mail: sales@magenta2000.co.uk


Bat Detectors All Year Round!

Bat Detectors All Year Round!

We think our Bat Detectors make a very special and unusual present all year round. We know that Bats hibernate for half of the year, but there are lots of sources of Ultrasound around the house - TV sets, Low Energy lamps, Computers, and even Telephones are 'whining' away in the background -- no wonder the dog seems to know what's going on before you do! We are also informed that pet Rats and Mice make ultrasonic noises to each other, and many small birds are much easier to hear using the low frequency settings of the Bat5. A nesting box that appeared silent, was found to be alive with a dozen Blue Tit chicks that were twittering wildly at around 14kHz (Easily heard by young people, but completely inaudible to someone a little older!).

Magenta Bat4 and Bat5 Detectors

Magenta Bat4 and Bat5 Detectors

These detectors are now well established and have proven their durability and reliability. They were designed by us following our experience with earlier models and incorporate many advanced features. The Bat4, and the Bat5 which has a digital LCD frequency display, both use 4 x AAA batteries to give outstanding operating time, and incorporate a powerful LED torch. The BAT4 has an illuminated calibrated frequency dial, and the BAT5 has a backlit four digit LCD showing quartz accurate frequency to within 0.1 kHz. Both use wide band microphones and have front facing waterproof 50mm diameter loudspeakers. Both detectors have been well received by experts and enthusiastic amateurs alike. They are used by professional Bat workers, and also are suitable for use by complete novices for Bat observation and identification.

Swish Autoglide

Swish Autoglide

Spares, service and technical support for Swish Autoglide™ K600 and K400 Electronic curtain systems and for the later Silent Gliss 5070 and 5080 systems.


Magenta Electronics Ltd. Unit 1 Farmer Court 16-17 High Street Tutbury Burton on trent Staffs DE13 9LP

Tel. 44 (0) 1283 565435